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What You Can Trust

To Receive From Us:

  • A pdf of your Xactimate estimate complete with your company name, address, contact info, and your logo. We can also add any opening statements or narrative you would like to have on the Xactimate estimate.

  • Xactimate ESX of the project. This will allow you to work within the Xactimate estimate in the future if needed.


Complete Client form

Completed client form emailed to


Company Logo

Send us your Company

Logo (jpg format only)





A typed Opening/Closing Statement if wanted


scope sheets

Completed scope sheets for your project

One scope sheet per room/elevation

If you are filling in interior room sheets and want a closet included as part of a room please specify the room name and closets that should be part of that room as well.

If your project has a  high quantity of rooms for re-build, please call to discuss as we can work with you for an easier way to obtain the scope for each room.


Necessary measurements

Eagle view (or similar) for roof/exterior estimates

Interior sketch for interior estimates (needed for rebuild, might not be needed for mitigation estimates)


Photos of the project

Photos are not required but can be helpful.

Please send photos via dropbox or google drive



Estimates To The Rescue LLC may in some projects require a signed contract Agreement.  You will be notified if a contract is required.  Thank you.

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