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About Us

Quick, Concise, Insurance-Friendly Estimate Writing!

Estimates to the Rescue is a national estimate writing company that provides Xactimate Estimates that are detailed and insurance-friendly for professionals needing them approved by the insurance carriers.  We also provide a quick turnaround!


We are here to help companies when they are swamped, backlogged or unable to keep up with their paperwork. Or, if you are like many contractors, you have a great sales team who can win new clients and jobs but may have limited experience with Xactimate, which often delays the estimate approval process. 

Our team of professional estimate writers have over 30 years of experience and are skilled at writing the mitigation and rebuild (interior, exterior, roofing) estimate.  We are proficient with residential and commercial estimates for any size project.


We provide the ‘all-inclusive’ estimate, which takes away the need to write up supplements. Why not get all the necessary items for the job in the estimate the first time?  This estimate, prepared the right way at the beginning of your project, will take away the need to write a ‘supplement only’ estimate as all repairs and work being performed will be in our estimate.

Please reach out as we are looking forward to working with you!


Lisa Cornelius

Managing Partner

Why Choose Us

Our company is founded on honesty and integrity and our estimates reflect these values.  If you want to keep your business name reputable with consumers, insurance companies, and within the construction industry, we are the company to help you do this. Let your company name stay in the game!

Richard H.
Pinnacle Renovations, LLC

Estimates to the Rescue has been extremely easy to work with in providing accurate and professional estimates for my business.  Their estimates are extremely organized and easy to read which allows ease in working with insurance companies to negotiate a final settlement in a timely manner.  We greatly appreciate how Estimates to the Rescue has taken work off our desk and freed up time to run our business.

Chad W.

Restoration 1 of Montgomery 

Estimates to the rescue was able to turn around a complex, detailed estimate for a fire damaged apartment within 48 hours of getting all info needed over.  Communication during the process was pleasant and expedited the final product. Lisa saved me oodles of time. 

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